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3.1.2 Application form for organic certification-VER1
3.1.2_en Application Form Organic Certification_F_17-04-13
3.1.7_en Registration Form GLOBALGAP 18-02-01


2.3.1 Management of appeals and complaints
3.1.1 Steps to certification
3.1.6 List of authorized preparations and fertilizers
3.2.1 Brief information for mixed and parallel production
3.2.2 Brief information on crop production
3.2.3 Brief information for wild gathering
3.2.4 Brief information on organic beekeeping
3.2.5 Brief information about organic livestock
3.2.6 Brief information about organic processed
3.2.7 Brief information for exporters
3.2.8 Brief information on imports and trade
3.2.9 Brief information on the admission of materials
4.4.2 Catalogue of sanctions for organic production

Plans for organic management (POM)

4.3.0 Introduction to organic management plans
4.3.1 Organic management plan for crop production
4.3.2 Organic management plan of livestock
4.3.3 Organic management plan for wild gathering
4.3.4 Organic management plan for beekeeping
4.3.6 Management plan for organic processed
4.3.7 Management plan for organic trade and import


4.1.1 Transition period
4.1.2 Crop rotation
4.1.3 The use of organic seeds and seedlings
4.1.4 Wild gathering
4.1.5 Traceability
4.1.6 Interpretation of pesticide residues
4.1.7 Frequency of testing for pesticide residues and other analyses
4.1.8 Protective zones
4.1.9 Maximum field size
4.1.10 Use of conventional manure from poultry
4.1.11 Pest control in processing facilities
4.1.12 Cutting and burning of forests
4.1.13 Rules for using the PRO CERTIARM logo